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Dreams of Fall

Posted on September 20 2017

Pumpkins are a welcome sign that Fall and the cooler temperatures are upon us

Every year when September rolls around, I anxiously begin counting the days until the cooler temperatures arrive.  It's probably my favorite time of year.  I love watching the changing colors all around and the cool breezes that finally blow away the sweltering heat of the Sacramento Valley.

Pumpkin wedding centerpiece from Put a Quilt on It

It's no coincidence that my wedding also took place in September.  Last week marked my 8th wedding anniversary.  It's a joy each year to bring out the fall decorations from the garage and to scatter the pumpkin decor around the house.  It's a fun reminder of our beautiful centerpieces that adorned the tables we shared with our friends and families.  Our wedding day was filled with so many meaningful touches that my husband and I made together and a smile still comes to my face when I recall the amazingly heartfelt speeches given at our reception.

Maple Leaf - a fall themed modern barn quilt from Put a Quilt on It

When it came time to design a new addition to our Modern Barn Block collection, creating an autumn theme was a no brainer.  The shades of cranberry purple, burnt orange, warm yellow and deep, dark red of our new "Maple Syrup" block evoke a feeling of cool breezes, falling leaves and a return to the familiar routine of school, old jeans and apple cider.  Just about every year you can catch me watching You've Got Mail and singing The Cranberries song "Dream" in the car while longing for something plaid, my favorite booties, and, of course, a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.

So if you're like me, pull out your favorite cozy sweater, turn on some Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks and enjoy a delicious spiced latte.  And while you're at it, why not make our Maple Syrup block a part of your autumn tradition?

 Maple Syrup, maple leaf barn quilt from Put a Quilt on It


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