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Posted on April 10 2017

Welcome!  I'm so glad you found us.  We've been waiting for you.  Hopefully you've stumbled upon our website looking for a special addition to your home in the form of a bright and beautiful barn block.  

If you're anything like me, you've probably seen and admired dozens of images of the iconic country road with the big majestic barn adorned with a painted quilt block.  I consider myself very lucky to live along a local barn quilt trail where there are two barn quilts along our main road that I pass by every day and even more as I venture around town.  As a quilter, it brings me great joy to see quilt designs out in the wild.

Whether you're looking to add some farmhouse charm to your outdoor space or you're a quilter who can never get enough color and pattern, we think you'll find something to love here.

With Put a Quilt on It, we hope that you will share your love of quilts with your neighbors and community, or maybe just your friendly backyard birds and squirrels.   


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