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It's all about community

Posted on September 11 2017

I spent this past weekend practically glued to my computer: staging quilt blocks, editing photos, uploading photos, creating product descriptions and graphics and search engine listings. Late Sunday evening, I looked around and I asked myself, why? What’s the point? I’m certainly not making my mortgage payment with this new adventure.

Last week was full of “ups” followed by the inevitable self-doubt. Monday morning marked the beginning of a new week. How would things go? I opened up my Bloglovin’ app to see what all of the other creatives were talking about this week. Being September 11, we’re all feeling extra sentimental today; thankful for our loved ones and remembering where we were on that horrific day. We’re also glued to our televisions and Facebook feeds to keep up with those we know in Florida.

Put a Quilt on It Heather Ross Granny Square Quilt

With all of the insecurities and fears, there is one thing that holds true, and that is that our community of quilters takes care of each other. We inspire each other. We build each other up. We offer support when things get rough. When one of us hurts, we pull together, no matter the miles, and we wrap each other in the warmth of a handmade hug.

Sisters Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show

This brings me back to my original question: why I am creating barn quilts? The answer is simple, actually. It’s for you. The quilting community is rather large in number, but when we come together, it feels like a group of close friends. This summer I travelled to Sisters, Oregon and had the pleasure of getting to know several other quilters throughout the Quilter’s Affair classes at the high school. I also got to stroll the streets of Sisters during the large outdoor quilt show and bump elbows with a few “sewlebrities”. It didn’t matter where you were from, who your favorite designer was, if you’ve been quilting for a lifetime or just getting your feet wet. When it comes to quilters, I see an amazing, supportive and generous slice of the population. When I travel and I see a barn quilt off the side of the highway, I am reminded of this community and what it means to me.

Ferndale, CA Barn Quilt

I hope that you have enjoyed this same sense of community and that quilting means more to you than just pretty fabrics and patterns. And when things get tough, I hope you have a warm soft quilt to wrap yourself in.


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