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by Kristi Coupe September 05, 2018

Part of what I love about quilting is that you never know who you might meet that shares your same passion. It seems like everyone has a grandma or an aunt or special friend who created a quilted piece in their past that continues to bring warmth and love to the owner.

The Cast of Makers from NBC's Making It Season 1

Recently I shared a post about the hit show "Making It" on NBC which I think highlights great diversity in the creative field. Yes, the makers were young, old, male and female, but what I love the most is that they were able to add such a great sense of humor to the crafts that the appeal was widespread, even if you weren't a crafty person yourself. Two A-list actor/comedians talking about quilting seems like a far fetched idea to make a splash in primetime television, but the show was such a success that it got renewed for a second season!

Put a Quilt on It at Quiltcon

And you know what else seems like a stretch? Linking quilting with the law. Yes, that's right, an actual research podcast centered entirely on quilting. I first found about the "Just Wanna Quilt" podcast when I was at Quiltcon earlier this year. One of Dr. Elizabeth Townsend Gard's assistants introduced herself to me, told me a little bit about the relatively new podcast and I was immediately intrigued. The podcast is recorded by Dr. Gard as part of her research with Tulane Law School. She created the podcast for research and dives into topics such as intellectual property and quilt entrepreneurialism as they related to the quilting industry.

Just Wanna Quilt from Quiltfolk Magazine

I found it quite interesting and with season 2 under way with the podcast, she has amassed an incredible lineup of interviewees. These are names that all quilters will recognize: Tula Pink, Mary Fons and even Jenny Doan were guests just last month!  (The photo above was taken by Quiltfolk magazine where the podcast is featured in the latest issue centered entirely on the state of Louisiana. I should also note that I look no where near this cool when sitting at my computer desk.)

Just wanna quiltSo if you want to hear some interesting chats about quilting and behind the scenes business discussions, check out the podcast "Just Wanna Quilt" and don't forget my interview which just went live today. Listen here.

just wanna quilt

Kristi Coupe
Kristi Coupe

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