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by Kristi Coupe April 17, 2018

Remember the days of Google Reader?  I'm one of those "can't leave unread messages in my inbox" types, so when it came to keeping up with blogs, I was the same way.  Anytime a new post went up from one of the quilters I followed, I immediately had to check it out.

Now the blogs are further spread out, but there are still a few that I look forward to every week.  One of my favorites in particular is a cooking blog, Joy the Baker.  Every Sunday she shares a "Let it be Sunday" post where she provides an update on her week and links to a variety of articles from the past week that are entertaining, informational and thought provoking.  I'm always intrigued by the articles and I like to make believe for a few minutes that I read publications like the New York Times.

I know Joy is not the only nor the first blogger to share links, but since I find them enjoyable as a reader, I thought it would also be fun as a blog writer to take a regular look back at what I've stumbled across online and to share it with you.  Since this is my go at it, I'll play around and see what works continuing onward.  Maybe I'll share some of my favorite quilts online, barn quilts, fabric releases, recipes, who knows!  Thanks for following along and sharing this space with me.

In no particular order...

How I'm feeling:

Your Ideas are amazing - Put a Quilt on It

How do you stay positive and keep your eyes focused on the big picture?  I've had a few comments and situations bum me out over the past week and I'm trying hard not to let them bring me down.  Why is it so easy to hang on to the bad feelings and so easy to forget all of the positive reinforcement? I loved the honesty in Alli's blog post last week as well as another about creating an online persona written by Abby Glassenberg.  How honest should you be on social media?  

(I saw the quote above once in the bathroom at my local Joann store.  It stuck with me and it's something I wish I could hear/see everyday.)

What I'm up to:

Put a Quilt on It at career day

Speaking of hard, middle school and the early teenage years are the worst (at least that was my experience).  I had the pleasure of returning to my old junior high recently to speak at their career fair. 

Career Day

As a 13 year old, it would have been my nightmare to stand up in the front of the classroom to talk about myself for 45 minutes, but now 20+ years later, I'm happy to report that I did it...by myself...for 4 different classes!  The kids were so great.  I loved their honesty ("how much money do you make?") and I hope they were able to take a least one thing away from my talk, whether it was about following your passion, changing directions in your career path, finding courage to start your own business, or accepting the importance of learning about math and accounting.

Placer Food Bank Fill the Pantry event at the Blue Goose in Loomis, CA

This weekend my family attended our local food bank's annual fundraising event.  It's held at a beautiful venue in our small downtown area and it's always incredible to see the amount of progress that can be made by the dedicated employees and volunteers.  Last year's event marked the first time one of our blocks was seen out in public, and this year we were happy to donate one of our Courage blocks to the silent auction.

Spectacle Quilt by Put a Quilt on It

If you follow Instagram stories, you may have caught me "live storying" my mission to finish a new baby quilt in time for a baby shower on Saturday.  I was so excited to work with the new Cotton & Steel Spectacle line, that I waited until it was released to get started on this project.  Then, I ran out of solid fabric, then I made half of my HSTs too small as I rushed to get them done late at night.  I was able to just barely squeeze enough fabric out of what was left to get the top done just past midnight on the night before the shower.  I woke up early the next morning and completed the quilting and binding. 

Spectacle Quilt with Cotton and Steel fabric by Put a Quilt on It

It was crazy to work that way, but I was afraid if I didn't get it done by that deadline, I would put it off and it would never be completed.  How do you work under pressure?  Do you prefer to have a hard deadline or do you like open ended projects?

Patchwork Sky Quilt - work in progress by Put a Quilt on It

Of course, this week I have another deadline.  I have a much larger quilt to be quilted (also for a new baby on the way).  I started this one months ago.  It's the Patchwork Sky pattern by Thimble Blossoms and I'm using many of my beloved Heather Ross fabrics as well as the brand new Kinder line.  There are pros and cons to working based off of a pattern versus creating something on your own.  Case and point, my Spectacle quilt above was my own creation and I ran out of fabric...but this current quilt is HUGE! 

Patchwork Sky quilt pattern with Kinder by Heather Ross Fabric - Sewn by Put a Quilt on It

I chain pieced everything so I had no idea until I laid it all out just how large it would be.  Sure I should have just read the pattern dimensions and taken out a tape measure, but who actually thinks about things like that?!

How to Hang your Barn Block

In other news, we've been working behind the scenes to make some improvements to the website.  We're excited to improve the search function on the site as well as make the overall navigation and feel more user friendly.  

Stuff I love:

Have you seen this museum?  Unfortunately, I heard about it too late and it's already sold out in San Francisco.  I know my daughter would have been obsessed! I'm hoping they might add more dates in the future since I also missed out on this photographer's dream location too.

I follow several barn quilt groups on Facebook and I'm blown away by the growth of the trails all across the country.  This one was one of my favorites this week because it's such a unique shape I never considered before.

Looking for some new quilt pattern inspiration?  Check out this subscription service* for a fun surprise plus tons of extras each month.

One of my other favorite subscription services is this one* which provides me a never ending source of some incredible jewelry!

It was my birthday last week and I got some super sweet drawings by my kids.  My son colored a teeny tiny quilt and even a sewing machine!  The kids also picked out this amazing smelling candle

Thanks for reading along.  I hope you have a wonderful week!  Let me know in the comments how you feel about our new and improved website too.


*Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

Kristi Coupe
Kristi Coupe

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