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by Kristi Coupe October 17, 2017

I Heart Loomis Eggplant Quilt from Put a Quilt on It

Earlier this month, I got to be a part of a local community tradition, the 30th Annual Loomis Eggplant Festival.  I'm still uncertain on why we have an eggplant festival (all the other vegetables were taken?) but it's a fun family event and it was a good excuse to get outside and walk around our small downtown area. (And yes, I did make the quilt above specifically for display at this year's festival.)

Barn Quilt display from Put a Quilt on It

While the Eggplant Festival was taking place on Saturday, my aunt and I staged a booth with our Barn Blocks.  It was fun meeting lots of other local quilters and also talking about our local barn quilt trail.  You can find the Loomis Basin Barn Quilt Trail map for download here.

Placer Grown Farm and Barn Tour

On Sunday, the activities continued with the Placer Grown Farm and Barn tour.  15 local farms opened up their doors for the day and provided tours and information on their crops, animals and property history.  I was lucky enough to be invited to the Struble Ranch, which is primarily a mandarin orchard, but is also home to our local barn quilt trail founder as well as 3 different barn quilts.  

Barn Quilt Demo - Loomis Basin Barn Quilt Trail Placer Grown Barn and Farm Tour

Throughout the day, a few of our local barn quilt artists were working on a new barn quilt design.  They were diligently taping lines and adding blue paint to a soon to be added 4x4 barn quilt.

Barn Quilt Demo - How to tape and paint a barn quilt

While I was on the property, I got to learn more about its history including the original purchase by the family in 1918.  It has been in the family ever since.  Beginning around mid-November, the ranch opens up to the community for mandarin sales right out of the garage.  As you turn off the car to pick up your 10 lb bag, you'll be struck by the magnificent 360 degree views of the Loomis Basin.  You may also see one of the restored tractors that was part of the inspiration for one of the very first barn quilts named "Dozer Dream'n."

Dozer's Dream Barn Quilt at Struble Ranch Loomis Basin Barn Quilt Trail

I had a wonderful experience spending time with my neighbors and learning more about the area we call home.  This is what I truly believe to be at the heart of the barn quilt trail phenomenon sweeping the country - slow down, talk to your neighbors, get to know what's going on around you and what came before you, get outside and breathe nature in.  Beauty is all around us.

Loomis Basin Barn Quilt Trail - Struble Ranch

Kristi Coupe
Kristi Coupe

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