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One way to hang your barn block

Posted on April 14 2017

Blue Star modern barn quilt block hanging
There are plenty of ways to display our modern barn blocks.  This is how we've been hung our barn block through the wettest year in the last century.  
At the front of our property is a small structure that houses our well.  Given that we've been creating lots of different designs for our blocks, we wanted the flexibility to switch out the design periodically, but also have the strength and durability to withstand the wind and heavy rains.  We located some heavy duty hook and loop (Velcro) sticky back tape at our local hardware store.
Velcro on wood strip for hanging barn quilt
Since our well house is made of old board and battens, we first placed a 3 inch strip of velcro to a clean strip of scrap wood.  We made one for each side of the block.
Two pieces of velcro on wellhouse to hang barn quilt
Next we drilled these thin strips of wood directly into the battens on the well house.
Velcro on back of barn quilt
Using a tape measure, we determined the distance between the two pieces of velcro on the well house.  Then, we placed the other side of the sticky velcro directly to the back side of the barn block at the same distance.
Finally, we matched up the velcro pieces and pressed firmly in place until the block was locked in place.  There have been several months of heavy rain and plenty of strong winds blowing through the area and the velcro has held strong.  I easily pulled the block down to take these photos and was able to simply put it back in place when finished.  If you've ever used Command strips in your home, you can use this industrial strength Velcro outside your home too.
Looking for more hanging tips?  Check out our FAQs for more ideas.
Modern barn quilt block in field of wildflowers


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