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Behind the Blocks: Our Dream Life

Posted on May 24 2017

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A couple of years ago my husband and I went to an open house on a whim.  The house was way out of reach from a cost standpoint, but it had a little bit of acreage, a sewing space surrounded by windows, a pond, and the one thing I can't let go: a kitchen island that was slightly lower than average and super comfortable for my short stature.  We walked away from that house and I created a Pinterest board called "Dream Life".  Only a few short weeks later, we heard about another house that was about to come on the market.  It was down an old country road, it had a pool and it always seemed to be a resting place for several deer.  Fast forward a few years, and after a lot of hard work, we are now living that "dream life". (Of course, the mower just caught on fire, the pool needs repair and the roof needs replacing, but that's another post.)

Family photo

Springtime in our property is easily my favorite time of year.  My husband planted a giant field of wildflowers last year and over 600 daffodil bulbs this winter.  Together with my dad, we've also planted over 40 fruit trees and now have a young but thriving orchard.

Deer turkey swing daffodils and orchard work

Our son loves to ride his bike around the driveway and our daughter is thrilled anytime the bubbles come out or we draw a hopscotch with chalk.  While I prepare dinner, the rest of the family can usually be found outside swinging beneath the giant walnut tree.  We love to host family and friends and never tire of watching the sunrise and sunset.  The kids cheerfully say hello to our neighbor's horses who we've named "Sunflower" and "Jet" and we all chase away those pesky turkeys who always seem to make a mess.

Irish chain quilt on fence with daffodils and barn quilt

Were it not for our beautiful new surroundings, I probably never would have come up with the idea to create and sell barn quilts.  I hope that everyone finds their own "dream life" and maybe our barn blocks can be a part of your life too.


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