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Top 5 Places to Put a Barn Quilt

Posted on June 22 2017

So you don't have a barn? Most of us don't.  But that shouldn't hold you back from enjoying a barn quilt at home.  Here we list our top 5 places to put a barn quilt, even if you don't have a barn.

Top 5 Places to Put a Barn Quilt - Modern Barn Quilt for Sale from Put a Quilt on It

1. Your Shed - What is a backyard shed but a mini-barn?  Maybe yours is full of gardening tools or pool supplies, or you're lucky enough to have the highly sought after "she-shed", whatever the contents inside, dress up the outside with a Modern Barn Block.

Eternal - Blue and White modern barn quilt for sale from Put a Quilt on It

2.  Outside your home - Dress up your front entry or back patio with some fresh designs while at the same time sharing your love for quilting with all of your visitors (as if they didn't already know you're a quilter.) Our Summer House block looks perfect here in this picture shared by one of our customers.

Summer House Modern Barn Quilt for sale - The perfect compliment to this cheery front porch

3. Your Garden - We think barn quilts look particularly at home outside amongst the flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables this time of year.  Unlike your garden though, our Barn Blocks require no maintenance and are made to withstand everything from blistering hot temperatures to wet summer storms.

Truth - Blue and White Modern Barn Quilt for sale from Put a Quilt on It

4. Kids Room - It's probably the most fun you will have decorating a room.  With bold, bright colors and playful shapes, our Play Room barn quilt can add a special creative touch to match your child's unique style.

Play Room - Modern Barn Quilt for sale . Dress up your kids room with this fun playful modern quilt design

5. Your shelves, table top or mantel - Changing the focal piece on your entry table or fireplace mantel to a barn quilt can be a fun starting point before adding accessories to compliment your own personal style.  Below we've added a weathered wood frame to our Strength block design and included fresh fruit from the local fruit stand.

Black and White Strength Modern Barn Quilt - Modern Farmhouse tabletop decor from Put a Quilt on It 

Do you have more ideas on where you would put a barn quilt?  Let us know in the comments.  And as always, we love to see your photos on Instagram and Facebook, so please keep sharing and let everyone know where you Put a Quilt on It!


  • Peggy: August 15, 2017

    Restrictions at HOA. However, one might look great on my porch wall inside so it could be seen through the bay window…

  • HELEN JONES: August 14, 2017

    I love the barn quilts. I have made 3 with #4 in the making. I have put them on my shed, garage and bathroom wall. would love to send pics, but don’t know how. I owuld love any of the designs you have, the colors are beautiful!

  • Lin: August 13, 2017

    I would love the sewing studio in my brand new basement studio. Never had one before so would be nice to show it off.

  • Kristi: August 12, 2017

    Cherry -
    Bummer about the HOA. Maybe a spot inside your casita/studio?!

  • Cherry: August 12, 2017

    I would like to put a traditional barn quilt block on my Casita/studio. However the HOA would not allow it!!

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