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by Kristi Coupe December 23, 2017

The question I get asked most frequently about our barn blocks is "how do you hang them?"  While there are multiple ways to answer that question depending on location (see ideas here), I want to show you how simple it is to change your block along with the seasons when you use industrial strength Velco.  

Truth Modern Barn Quilt on Well House

This photo of our "Truth" block shows one of our initial test blocks that has been hanging for approximately one year.  It is attached to our wooden well-house using industrial strength Velcro that was purchased at the hardware store.  This location is exposed to sun, wind and rain all year long.  It has never budged, yet when I was ready to make a change, I simply pulled it off.

Velcro adhesive for barn quilt hanging outdoors

Here you can see the thin wood shims that my husband screwed in to the structure.  Because we originally mounted the block in the middle of a wet winter month and the structure was old, we used clean dry wood to adhere one side of the Velcro.

To attached the new barn block, I cut two small strips of Velcro about 4 inches long.

Barn Block swap - adhesive velcro

I placed the new block next to the old block to match up the locations for the Velcro.  Much like Command Strips that you use indoors, this Velcro has an adhesive back that is placed directly to the barn block.

Jolly - New modern barn quilt from Put a Quilt on It

Once the new Velcro was attached, all I had to do was place the block up on the well-house and press it firmly to secure in place.  After swapping out our barn block we also decorated the well-house with Christmas lights.  It brings me so much joy to look out our window and see this extra little touch of holiday cheer.

Whatever you're doing this holiday season, I hope it is filled with peace and love.  Thanks for reading along. 


To read more about how we originally placed the block, click here.

Kristi Coupe
Kristi Coupe

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